Sefi Zisling’s ‘Expanse’ has been released

Expanse’ the sophomore album from Tel Aviv’s top jazz and funk trumpeter has been released on Tru Thoughts.

Inspired by his childhood heroes of John Coltrane, Grant Green and Fred Wesley, ‘Expanse’ combines the sounds of afro-jazz, psychedelic funk and spiritual jazz to create an album that echoes the great creators of Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti and Donald Byrd, while paving a new path – all catalysed through the trumpet.

Recorded as a collaborative live session with all of Sefi’s close and talented friends, including live members: Omri Shani (bass), Tom Bollig (drums), Noam Havkin (drums) and long-time collaborators: Idan Kupferberg (percussion), Uzi Ramirez (guitar), Tair Slutzki (trombone), ‘Expanse’ captures the essence of the classic jazz sessions, committed to the outcome – mistakes and spontaneous moments included.