A Hot 8 New Year!

Hot 8 Brass Band made a raucous ‘Hot 8 New Year’ appearance on Jools Holland’s New Year’s Eve Hootenanny performing 3 tracks including “Get Up” and new single “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. Check out their Joy Division offering which has received support from across the BBC, Rolling Stone, John Kennedy (Radio X), and Tony Minvielle (Jazz FM).

“We fell in love with this song a long time ago” the band explains, “it has a deep emotional meaning. Although we do listen to a lot of funk, jazz and rap, we listen to British music all the time here in New Orleans and love England’s punk scene.” Beyond the band’s affection for 1970s Britain, the parallels between the tragic stories of Ian Curtis, previous Hot 8 members and young creatives across the industry anchor the Hot 8’s attachment to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”; “love tears us apart as we see friends pass and go, but of course they’re still part of us and the love we feel collectively”.