Moonchild announce new album ‘Starfruit’

Moonchild return with their new album ‘Starfruit’ in February 2022 and new single “Too Good” out today.

‘Starfruit’ is the fifth album from LA-trio Moonchild; Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, and Max Bryk. The result of ten years spent working and growing together, ‘Starfruit’ showcases the respect, musical understanding, and love the trio have, both for each other and for the noteworthy list of collaborators featured on the album. Bringing a host of beautiful melodies and personal lyrics, ‘Starfruit’ beholds offerings from Lalah Hathaway, Alex Isley, Tank and The Bangas, Rapsody, Ill Camille, Mumu Fresh, Chantae Cann and Josh Johnson. “This is our 5th album, which felt like a big milestone to us. They all added their magic touch to the songs and really brought the music to a new and special place,” Amber muses.

Moonchild have commented on their socials channels: “Starfruit will be our 5th album, which felt like a big milestone to us as we were making it. We’ve been creating music together for 10 years now and we wanted to commemorate that somehow in the title. We were brainstorming anything that had to do with the number 5, and star came up because the stars we grew up drawing had five points. So, Starfruit seemed like a perfect title because this album is the fruit of our last ten years of growing and meeting so many incredible people.

From the practice rooms at school to our bedroom closets, each album has been a representation of our growth as people and musicians. We’ve brought new sounds, friends, instruments, plugins, inspirations, and life lessons to each album and the same is true for this one! We can’t wait to share it with you in February!”

The first single from the album, out today, is “Too Good”. ““Too Good” is about being wrapped up in the high of love, and yet fighting off that sneaking suspicion that something terrible is around the corner, waiting to take it all away,” multi-instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, and lyricist Amber Navran explains. Taking its name from the first line of the track, “Too Good” is built around the chorus. Complementary instrumentation from Mattson in the form of nylon guitars, drum fills and a flugel and flute horn line provide the backdrop to a memorable hook from Navran – “Ooh you’re like a dream come true / Waiting for the next shoe to drop,” – alongside an organic progression of chords, written by Max Bryk. “They’re so pretty and Amber’s vocals skate on them effortlessly,” Andris Mattson enthuses.

See HERE for all pre-order details and to listen to “Too Good”.