Moonchild return with ‘Too Much to Ask’

“Too Much to Ask” marks the return of LA-based trio Moonchild, taken from their most thoughtfully crafted and complete album yet, ‘Little Ghost’ (released 6th September). This forthcoming album sees multi-instrumentalists Amber Navran, Max Bryk, and Andris Mattson channel boundless sonic energy as they explore some of the most personal aspects of what it is to be in love and to believe in who you are.

“Too Much to Ask” beautifully illustrates the emotional honesty behind ‘Little Ghost’. “Lyrically, it’s about realising the person you love doesn’t love you like you love them”, Navran explains. “We all want to be loved the way we love, right? Sometimes you reach a point of: is it too much to ask to be in a relationship with a person that feels balanced, that feels like both people are in it, in love to the same extent, not one sided, doesn’t leave one person wondering if they’re doing all the work or getting the love they deserve?”. As her voice shines softly over Noname-inspired production from Mattson, interwoven with an electric piano patch, a charming dash of guitar and a touch of ukulele, a sound is created as pure as the question asked.

Since the release of their critically acclaimed ‘Voyager’ album, Moonchild have toured the album across the world, with headline tours in North America, Asia and Europe as well as opening for The Internet and Kamasi Washington. Whilst travelling, the band wasted no time working on ‘Little Ghost’ as they started putting together beats and production ideas on the road; “Eventually we were able to spend time solely on the album, going to Lake Arrowhead for writing retreats and meeting up at each other’s houses back in LA” says Bryk. Channelling this collaborative spirit, the LP is a continuation of the Moonchild story; “Moonchild has been a project between the three of us where we work to achieve sound we all have in our heads, but can’t articulate into words”, Bryk summarises. 

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