Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl join the Tru Thoughts roster

New signing Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl join the Tru Thoughts roster, with their debut LP due later this year.

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed the magical collaboration between Moroccan Gnawa-master (maâlem) Rabii Harnoune and Frankfurt electronic producer V.B.Kühl aka Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl. Recording at Achim Sauer’s 7V-Studio, collectively Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl have produced a debut LP ‘GNAWA ELECTRIC LAUNE’ which represents entirely new territory, building a bridge from old to new, from Africa to Europe, and from to person to person. This melange of traditional North African Gnawa music and modern club sounds results in a fascinating debut, cross-cultural friction which is electric and otherworldly.

“Traveller” (out 19th March) is the first offering from the album, a tale that belongs to the repertoire of “L’Bouhala”, a story which roughly translates as symbolism for multiculturalism in Gnawa culture. “Traveller” is a Gnawa-club fusion track that feels equally at home on the dancefloor as it does in its core spiritual home. “The traveller is a character in the culture of Gnawa” Rabii explains, “who is travelling from tribe to tribe, from village to city, looking for experiences and knowledge, then sharing it by singing about it”.

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