Right Here
The Seshen

Released: 14 Jul 2017

Label: Tru Thoughts

In the punchy synth-pop gem “Right Here”, The Seshen singer Lalin St. Juste tears back layers of non-reality as she searches for her true self. Told by St. Juste, the narrative of the track looks at the illusory spaces that are created for us and how we wrestle with the identities and experiences that grow out of those creations. St. Juste explains: “In Right Here, I’m recognizing the lies that my life is built on, the lies that feel like truth and create a veil of disillusionment. I’m dealing with silence. I’ve lived within it my whole life and I’m ready to break out of it. I’m digging inside to find what’s underneath, beneath the invisibility of my existence and the pain. There is me, there is “us”.” Awash with bursting synth layers, the defiant pop-hooks in “Right Here” come unstuck from the confines of a daydream to revel in a new and honest space.