The Seshen

Released: 25 Sep 2018

Label: Tru Thoughts

The Seshen have created a bold electronic track which hits the listener with the immediacy of its vocals before escaping to darker edges. Possessing alluring vocalism, “Eidolon” tells its story in a rhythmic spoken-word style; rising and falling with the repetition of the synthesised beats as the chorus dips in and out with the phrase “everyday you’re melting away seeping into foreign ground”.

Written in response to the political situation in the US, singer/lyricist Lalin explains of the process behind “Eidolon”; “There is a lot happening in the U.S. and I’m here trying to cope. So, I wrote Eidolon as a response to those who continue to use their wealth, political status, and influence for their own benefit and at the detriment of others. This song comes as a reminder that resistance is constant and that with every action there is a reaction.”