The Little Chill

Now that summer is in full swing it is time for us to get really excited about the Little Chill which is being held in Sussex from 26th-28th July. This ‘down on the farm’ style event for 500 people has a line up that includes Tom Middleton, Mixmaster Morris, Matt Black (Coldcut), Mozez (Zero 7), Neil Cowley and many more… including a very special Sunday lunchtime set from a Big Chill icon. Tru Thoughts will be there representing too with Alice Russell playing live, supported by J-Felix and Paul Jonas with a DJ set.

The aim of Little Chill, as well as being a Big Chill reunion in the original early spirit of the Big Chill, is to fundraise for Pete Lawrence’s ‘Campfire Convention’ an initiative to shape and build a new kind of social network where people can Explore, Connect, Create, Organise, Share ideas, inspirations and goals and make things happen. Campfire Convention aims to shape an ecosystem for people seeking new ways of developing ideas within an empowering community without advertising, big data gathering, or dodgy algorithms. It sets out to provide a different social community with heart and soul, shaped by its members; you can find out more about it at

The Big Chill was a huge part of the early years of Tru Thoughts, and we were really saddened when it went away. We are very pleased that Pete Lawrence has launched a Little Chill gathering and for such positive and worthwhile reasons. The sense of community at the Big Chill was an important factor for us and so it’s exciting to hear Pete say that the Little Chill “should be a cosy and intimate vibe like the original Big Chill all those years ago,”.

Pete also says “The idea for this event came out of a chance remark from Norman Jay MBE over lunch… Norman and I were reminiscing about Good Times, The Big Chill and looking forward too, talking about his plans – he’s writing a book – and how he could support Campfire… when he asked “Have you considered doing a Little Chill as a fundraiser for Campfire?”  The Big Chill is still loved by many and while it will be great to gather in a field and recreate some of the original vibe of the early event – before commercial constraints became the driving force – we have an eye on the future and we are moving forward with a variety of Campfire events. So, I was keen to connect up these two forces, which have been so central to my life over the last 20 years or more.”

There are a few tickets remaining, you can get them here: The Little Chill