Otherwise known as Bonobo, Simon Green’s Barakas moniker saw him team up with Tru Thoughts A&R Robert Luis to create their dancefloor side-project Nirobi & Barakas. After producing a few tracks for their respective DJ sets, the pair released the “Bungee Jump Against Racism” 12” on Tru Thoughts in 2005.

More hip hop and breakbeat oriented than his central musical project, Simon used his Barakas alias to produce tracks for the dance floor, incorporating elements of organic melodies and rhythmic intricacies of his unique Bonobo sound.

“Stabilo Bossa” in 2007 was Simon’s most recent release as Barakas. He has continued his musical career as Bonobo, achieving global critical acclaim and millions of fans worldwide.

Stream “Stabilo Bossa” here Stabilo Bossa

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