Privacy and cookies policy

Tru Thoughts take our responsibility to protect your privacy and personal data very seriously.

This policy document shows how we take care to ensure that your privacy and personal data is safe in our care, you can be confident purchasing and enjoying our music and merchandise from us via our website and through our partners.


What this policy covers.

The Tru Thoughts website ( and any associated applications are operated by Tru Thoughts Music Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (Company Registration No. 04184872)

Tru Thoughts Music Limited

Unit 8 Level 5 North,

New England House,

New England Street


East Sussex, UK


This policy explains how we may use information we may collect about you, as well as your rights to access any personal information we hold about you. Please read this policy, together with our Terms and Conditions carefully, as when you access our website or its associated applications, you confirm to have understood and agreed to them. 


What personal information we collect about you.

We may collect information about you when you:

– Visit the website or an affiliated website such as Bandcamp.

– Register to receive email news and updates.

– Buy our music, merchandise or other services from us on this website or through our retail and online partners.

– Register for free downloads or music streams available through our website or our partners’ websites

– Place a booking to attend any events that we are involved with promoting

– Participate in promotions, competitions, surveys or questionnaires.

– Contact us in any way.

Depending on how you use our services the type of information we collect may include:

– Your name

– Your email address

– Your password

– Your location

– Your billing address

– Your shipping address

– Your phone number

– Whether or not you agree to marketing emails

– Details about 3rdparties that you share with us such as the name, address and telephone number of someone you may choose to send an order to

– Information about how you use the website – e.g. which pages you visited and the duration of your visit.

– Information about what you order and when or how you order.

– Any and all other correspondence between you and us

This list is only indicative and other personal information may be collected from time to time.


Important!  We do not store your payment details.

The website may contain links to other sites and services which are outside of our control and not covered within this Privacy Policy. The operators of these sites may collect information from you that will be used by them in accordance with their own privacy and data policies. 


Why we need to use your data

Collecting your personal information helps us to better understand how we can best bring you the music and services that you want.

We only collect the information necessary for us to bring you our music, merchandise and other services. We use your information to:

– Manage and improve our website for you and other users.

– Personalise our services to you.

– Administer and operate your account.

– Process your orders.

– Tell you about important changes to the site and our services.

– Understand your purchasing behaviour and visit behaviour to develop and improve our website, products and services.

– Manage promotions, competitions, customer surveys and questionnaires.


Your preferences and feedback

When you place an order with us or simply visit our website you can register (opt-in) to receive marketing emails from us by entering your preferred email address and checking the relevant tick box on the checkout or the registration form.

If you later choose to unsubscribe (opt-out) from our mailing list you can simply follow the link on one of our emails, or navigate to the correct page on the site and follow the instructions.

It is important for us to know your opinion about our website, music and other services; we love to hear your views, which help us to improve.

From time to time we may contact you to canvas your opinions, but we will only do this if you are already opted-in to receive our marketing communications.

If you are not opted in to marketing communications we will only contact you with transactional or service information.

E.g. about:

– Orders that you place on the website, or our partners’ sites for our music or merchandise – for example to confirm receipt of orders you have made and to update you about the delivery status.

– Questions you have asked us about anything.

– Changes to our services or the status of our website.


How we use cookies and what cookies we use

Cookies are small text files containing information which is downloaded to your personal device when you visit a website and helps you and your device interact more efficiently with the websites you visit.

There are 3 main types of cookie, session cookies that expire once you leave a web site only collecting data about that visit, temporary cookies which expire after a short, set period of time and permanent cookies that persist for a longer period of time but no longer than 90 days.

On our website we use session and permanent cookies to improve the service that we provide to you.

For example we use cookies:

– To enable you to use some or all of the features and functionality of the site.

– To understand how you use the site. The cookies that we use collect mostly anonymous data that is aggregated across all visitors to the site.

The Cookies we use include those provided by Google and Facebook and help to understand how you use services provided by those companies to find our website

– To measure the effectiveness of marketing and communications, including the emails we send and the partners we work with to deliver our music and services.

If you wish, you can use the personal data and privacy settings in your chosen browser to remove cookies, or to also manage how your device handles cookies and what information they collect.