Flevans began making music in his home town of Brighton using a 4 -track cassette recorder, spending hours looping breaks and hooks. It was off the back of a demo created using this tactic that Tru Thoughts would sign Flevans, recognising his talent for crafting infectious hooks.

After a string of highly successful releases, including the “Begin Again” 12” single (2002) and “Looking Out For Mr Bundle EP” (2003), Tru Thoughts released Flevans second album, ‘Make New Friends’ in 2004. It proved popular in the electric-soul scene, with disco infused track “The Notion” being selected for The Unabombers’ Electric Soul Vol. 3 compilation.

Also released on Tru Thoughts was Flevans’ “Hold On/Hold No Water” single in 2009 and his third album, ‘27 Devils’. More diverse than his previous releases, it featured the vocals of Sarah Scott and Shona Foster, as well as several instrumental cuts, covering styles from funk to breaks, electronica and soul.

Stream ‘Make New Friends’ here Make New Friends

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Other Releases  After the release of two 7”s on London’s Jack To Phono label, Flevans set about working on his second album. Returning to the dancefloor friendly attitude of his earlier releases, ‘Unfabulous’ was released on Jack To Phono in September 2007.

As a trained multi-instrumentalist Flevans had already incorporated some of his skills into his music. But after the release of ‘Unfabulous’ he categorically moved towards creating a more organic live sound, moving away from samples and beats. After playing bass for Brighton band Backini in 2008, performing at Abbey Road Studios, Glastonbury Festival and recording a BBC Radio 1 set at Maida Vale studios, he aimed to bring this passion for playing live back in to the studio for his solo projects.

Flevans released ‘A Distant View’ on Loa Records in 2016 and ‘Part Time Millionaire’ on Jalapeno Records in 2019.