Harleighblu X Starkiller


Harleighblu x Starkiller saw British soul/electronic singer Harleighblu work with the formidable production outfit of C.E. Garcia & Alfredo E. Fratti, L.A. based Starkiller.


After her previous solo releases on the label, the collaborative project ‘Amorine’ was released on Tru Thoughts in November 2016.

FIP said of the album, “Amorine is not just a music album. It is a film without images, inspired by the work of Jodorowsky, Moebius, and even George Lucas. A dark and futuristic fable whose voice Harleighblu becomes the breadcrumb trail over the eleven titles of the disc. In this love story woven between a robot and a human, the soundscapes produced by Starkiller depict a world that is hindered where freedom seems like a distant chimera. It’s a trip-hop with heavy, smoky beats, which serves as a guideline to this conceptual disc”. Fip on Amorine

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