Joe Acheson


Best known for his work with Hidden Orchestra, the innovative composer, musician and producer Joe Acheson makes brilliant use of field recordings throughout his electronic and ambient work. His training as a classical musician and a childhood spent in the Edinburgh countryside both hold strong influences on his musical style.

This influence is especially evident on the EP “Marconi & The Lizard” produced, recorded and composed by Acheson, released on Tru Thoughts in 2016. Praised by The Guardian and BBC, the collection of songs  emerged from a week spent at Cornwall’s Lizard Point in August 2015 – the most southernly point of UK mainland. It was the first sound artist residency for the National Trust, commissioned for their ‘Sounds of Our Shores’ project in partnership with the British Library. Acheson made the most of the surrounding landscape, with the EP created entirely from these natural and man-made noises. Whilst ranging from birds tweeting to lighthouse foghorns ringing, a consistent electronic and ambient feel emerges throughout.

Hidden Orchestra’s, ‘Live at Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts’ album was released on Tru Thoughts in 2019. The album was recorded at Brighton’s multi-disciplinary Attenborough Centre For The Creative Arts (ACCA) in December 2017. This was Acheson’s first live album, playing with the group Hidden Orchestra on bass and live electronics. Acheson and Hidden Orchestra testify to their many talents with this recording, beat heavy, multi-layered and textured electronic sounds shining.

Listen to Hidden Orchestra ‘Live at Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts’

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