Kinny & Horne


Espen Horne the producer behind the Kinny & Horne project is a man of many talents. He has studied fashion design resulting in him selling dresses to Bjork (one of which she has wore in a video) and him getting a job at Dolce & Gabbana, before deciding that the fashion industry was not where his heart was. He happened to play as a professional goalkeeper for Wigan Football Club whilst studying in England, and now has settled with a day job involved with Graphic Design.

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Thankfully for Tru Thoughts his passion for music is something that he continues to pursue. Having previously recorded as Bobby Hughes (whose music has been licensed to well over 100 compilation albums as well as the soundtrack to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), he decided to embark on a fresh new full sung vocal album project after meeting Caitlin Simpson aka Kinny in his homeland Norway. When Tru Thoughts A&R Robert Luis heard a 4 track demo he was straight onto the phone to Espen, and when they met up it was agreed that the K&H sound really needed to be given an album deal.

Kinny is half Jamaican and half Native Indian and was born in Canada. She is a classically trained Opera singer, but her love for reggae and jazz always came first and touring with a reggae band resulted in her visiting Norway and deciding to live there.

‘Forgetting To Remember’ is an album of great songs combined with great production and musicianship with influences from soul, jazz, funk, reggae and hip hop fused in a unique way. The sound has been influenced by Espen’s many years of DJ experience and Kinny’s passionate voice and personal lyrics.