M Juke (solo artist and producer & co-writer of Alice Russell) and Robert Luis (A&R and Co-Owner of Tru-Thoughts) are the joint force which is me&you, a multifaceted musical outfit producing a wide range of stomping dance floor breaks.

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The duo first collaborated in 2005 to write a one-off track for their DJ sets, then in the summer of 2006 they were invited to play at Bestival and recorded a couple of extra tracks especially for the gig. After an astounding reaction from the crowd they were inundated with enquiries through MySpace and the Tru Thoughts website so decided to record the full-length album “Floating Heavy” together. The unique, encapsulating mix of me&you sounds will instantly entice you into a head-nodding, toe tapping dancefloor-stomping trance and deliver you on a journey through an eclectic spectrum of influences from break beat, soul, jazz and dub step to broken beat, reggae, disco and drum and bass. The striking album artwork for “Floating Heavy” was also voted among the top 20 album covers of 2007 in the prestigious Art Vinyl competition. Me&You have proved to be a big hit with tastemakers and DJs, including Bobby Friction on the BBC (Radio 1 and the Asian Network), and their fanbase is rapidly expanding, not least thanks to a series of unofficial remixes and versions that they have been getting out there on other labels. A full double-CD album featuring some of the best bits from these extra-curricular activities is soon to be made available, in enigmatic fashion, on a strictly limited basis. For tour information for me&you, visit their website at Or Tru-Thoughts gigs