Milez Benjiman


Fused with glorifying melody touched with conscious lyrical power & sent to hook you from root 2 roof-top. MB explores… beats/rhythms and song-poetry… that tell stories of a social & physycosomusical nature & with a serious overtone of heavy slide-style dubsta vibez! Still Milez Benjiman oozes sexual & sensual refrain… totally leaving you wanting more!

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Milez Benjiman comprises of three members Gerd, Delgui & Colonel Red; all charismatic individuals who combine their writing & production talents to bring their experience & a wholehearted desire to create uplifting floor banging music on 1 hand! Then on the other, they concoct a sultry evocative atmosphere that never fails to reach a true soulful climax. The band met in 2004 & went 2 work immediately 2 develop their amazing debut album “feel glorious.” An album reminiscent of the old parliament/bootsy electric crunch-funk sound. But with an air of ethnentricity… bringing a concrete, yet spiritual feel! Feel Glorious also emanates a roar sexy-dance energy with its mid tempo winding grooves that bang hard n deep! raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarse!!! The aim is simple: To bring the grind & excitement of true soul music at its best to the people…!