Robert Luis aka Nirobi


“If you’re lucky enough to live on the South Coast, you need to check him out” – Reckless Times “He might have a good eye for talent, but he’s also a mean producer” – Stamp The Wax

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Although Robert had recorded a number of tracks which appeared on the first Tru Thoughts compilation ‘When Shapes Join Together’, the success of the label meant that he concentrated on his DJ work and running the label rather than making music…but when you have artists like Quantic, Zed Bias Nostalgia 77 and Lanu recording for you there was no rush to get in the studio. As Nirobi he has recorded a couple of tracks with Barakas (aka Bonobo), both with an ear to the dancefloor: ‘Bungee Jump Against Racism’ and ‘Partridge’. Nirobi has also recorded an album ‘Floating Heavy’ with TM Juke under the artist name ‘Me&You’. Keep half an eye on his Soundcloud page for mixes and cheeky re-edits of dancefloor bombs. Robert also hosts Tru Thoughts weekly radio show, broadcast live every Sunday 10pm-12am GMT on JUICE 107.2. Sign up for the podcast here