Sleepin’ Giantz


“Three legends on the link up…Love the track…Looking forward to covering the album when it arrives” – Mistajam (BBC Radio 1/ 1Xtra) “Gleefully unkempt… wildstyle, dancehall inspired energy” – 3 STARS – Q “Witty, Cheeky and deftly produced throughout, ‘Sleepin Giantz’ is everything the grime scene has been crying out for since Dizzee met Calvin. Serious tings.” – 8/10 – CLASH 

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Sleepin’ Giantz is the coming together of three great minds – Zed Bias, Rodney P & Fallacy. Forging links between hip hop, grime and dubstep their debut album was released on Tru Thoughts in 2012. Fallacy explains how it all came together ‘’The Sleepin’ Giantz has come about in a long simmering natural way. Rodney was in with Zed making music, I finished a rave I host called Sexy Ugly and came through. That was the night we recorded Badungdeng. Between me and Rodney we are a mix of busy, lazy and too cool to give a shit so the work wasn’t happening. I did a couple drop ins with Zed but I wasn’t making music at the time. Zed just put it out there and said let’s do it. It will happen quicker and you will both half your workload, it’s still taken 2 years but we are here. Sleepin’ ’.’ Zed Bias is the main musical alter-ego of the Manchester based producer Dave Jones, one of the founders of breakbeat garage. Rodney P has been widely regarded as the Godfather of British hip hop. Fallacy is the missing link between grime and UK hip hop. Together they are Sleepin’ Giantz