Spanky Wilson


Versatile, raw, emotive and honest in any style she turns her hand to, Spanky Wilson remains as inspirational as she has always been – and her collaboration with The Quantic Soul Orchestra is further evidence of this.

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Since she burst onto the scene in the late 60s, Spanky Wilson has recorded with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jnr., Lalo Schifrin, Jimmy Smith and Willie Bobo. Renowned as a soul singer beyond comparison on both sides of the Atlantic, she has consistently released quality music for the past four decades, always collaborating with some of the most talented and respected producers of the day. True to form, her 2006 album, ‘I’m Thankful’, saw her team up with Will Holland of The Quantic Soul Orchestra to produce a stunning collection of 21st Century jazz, funk, big band and soul music. Will and Spanky first collaborated in 2005 on two tracks for the third Quantic album, ‘Mishaps Happening’. Inspired by this positive experience, they decided to write an album together. Will recruited some of the funk-soul scene’s finest players to help him realise his vision.