The Broken Keys


Try and imagine if the Gorillaz went x-rated or dream up a wild combination of MF Doom, Edan, James Brown & Jimi Hendrix – you might be getting close.

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With over 10 years combined experience in the studio these producers already know a thing or two about making records. However The Broken Keys they have hit on something new. The Broken Keys is a studio project from Ben Lamdin & Nathaniel Pearn. Better know as Nostalgia 77 and Natural Self the two producers are old friends and between them have produced a string of successful independent releases in recent years. The Broken Keys LP ‘Gravity’ is the two friend’s first full-length collaboration. The sound is authentic too. The LP is produced combining the best vintage studio equipment with the modern techniques and sounds of the sampler. It’s everything you miss about the old disks with the excitement you love in that modern sound.