Unitone’s debut release on Tru Thoughts was the first vocal track on a Tru Thoughts 7” and the second in the blue labelled series which aims to showcase a more downtempo / chilled out style (we soon stopped the colour coding as it started to confuse us!). The beautifully soulful vocal track which is ‘All Or Nothing’ came to our attention through his mate Andy of Claypit Records who was a regular at the Tru Thoughts Brighton club night. The title track, ‘All or Nothing’ is a double bass led beauty which features the haunting folk vocals of Bod. On the flipside; ‘Calypsoul’ is a decidedly more up-tempo offering with catchy percussive beats, a funky bassline and a enchanting vocal hook. Unitone’s trademark style earned him a place on the When Shapes Join Together 3 compilation with ‘All or Nothing’. His freshest offering however, comes in the shape of ‘Feller Me Lad’, an infectious Brazilian / Afro fused groove on the Shapes One Vertical Mix.

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