Further statement on the allegations concerning Rodney P

On Monday 16th November, we made a statement that has since been included in several news articles. At that time Rodney P had denied the allegations made against him.  The statement he later made included information that we had previously been unaware of: the incidents he referred to and his previous conviction for domestic abuse.

Myvanwy Evans posted on social media around the time of Rodney P’s Jazz Funk documentary ​on BBC Four in July 2020: this was the first Tru Thoughts knew about the allegations. In discussions at that time Rodney P told us the allegations were false.  Presented with completely contradictory information on such a serious nature – these allegations and a complete denial of them – we felt it was important for the correct authorities to investigate this, we did not feel qualified to investigate such a serious issue but monitored the situation.

We have since suspended our work with Rodney P and have no plans to release music from him.

We hope there is a resolution for all those involved.

We would like to reiterate that we take domestic abuse very seriously and we do not condone abusive behaviour in any way.