Meet our latest signing – Gawd Status

We are pleased to announce that Gawd Status aka King Kashmere and Joker Starr have signed to Tru Thoughts – an unconventional producer/MC duo, who bring a versatile and eclectic, killer and off-kilter sound to the label that lies in between the worlds of hip-hop, psychedelia and soul.

Confounding categories, Gawd Status originated from the UK hip-hop scene, with the duo initially meeting at a King Kashmere’s Raiders Of The Lost Archives launch party back in 2008, joining forces a couple of years after. Slough resident Kebbie Conteh aka Joker Starr solo career ranges from the AA single “Raw Spittage / The Anthem” (2001) to his most recent LP ‘G.A.W.D’ (2019) which demonstrates Joker’s flair for originality as an MC. While King Kashmere, as well as being a talented producer, is known for being a legendary UK MC in his own right, most notably for lending his vocal talents to producer Dr Zygote (aka The Maghreban).

Their debut album ‘Firmamentum’ is forthcoming on Tru Thoughts this summer.

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