Meet our latest signing Pieces of a Man

Though born from the emerging soul scene in Manchester, Pieces of a Man are by no means a local act – with influences stretching across the globe and deep into the musical archives. From gospel and choral soundscapes to neo-soul, French house and alt rock, there are no limits to the influences that form their sonic output.

Manchester six-strong soul collective Pieces of a Man electronically manipulate and push the sonic boundaries of a conventional soul band. Raised on cross-genred musical diets from gospel (Ron KenolyIsrael Houghton) through early jazz-funk (Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock) and beyond, POAM take influence from more modern soul inspirations (D’AngeloDwele, Jill Scott) to create immersive, textured soundscapes built with hip-hop, funk and neo-soul.

Having chosen their name after hearing the news of the death of the Chicago jazz-poet and bluesologist on the radio, Pieces of a Man pay homage to the debut album by Gil Scott-Heron. Beyond this, the project is also an encompassment of the brokenness and recuperation that both artists reflect.

With the critical foundations of a soul band, the six-piece is comprised of Pils (Illya Gosling) on keyboards/sax, Mark Parkinson on guitar, Tim Curry on bass, and Aden Peets on drums and beats. The group break away from the norm with lead singer and synth player To!u A¡ayi introducing a flavour of Busy P and Ed Banger-esque touch of talkbox and vocoder into their sonic output, while DK (David Klein) manipulates sounds and effects in real-time with Ableton – and is the creator of the group’s visual output via video, graphics and photography.

Their debut single on Tru Thoughts ’Nothing To Lose’ is due for release on the 17th April
Pieces of a Man will be performing at The Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender in Brighton on the 18th May