Record Store Day Recommendations With Animanz

We spoke with Animanz about some of their favourite records in the run up to Record Store Day 2019. Animanz are the London-based genre defying collective signed to Tru Thoughts in 2018. Their latest track is included in the RSD release of The Hot 8 Brass Band’s “Working Together EP”.

How did your track on “Working Together” EP come about?

Tru Thoughts asked us if we’d be up for doing a remix from the H8BB’s back catalogue. We loved the energy of the percussion on On The Spot. Did our thing to it and next we hear is the band are into track. Happy Days.

Which RSD 2019 releases will you be picking up?


What was the first record you ever bought?

Beastie Boys – “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)”

Gorillaz – Debut

Spanky Wilson – “Sunshine of Your Love”

How has the record industry shifted throughout your life? In your experience as both a musician and a fan?

There’s no more Top Of The Pops. Nuff said.

Why is it important to continue to support independent record shops? 

Ending up with something you didn’t know you loved. 

Do you think records would or could ever be replaced?

Yes, quite probably.

If you were to choose five ultimate records, which would they be and why?

We each picked 5 records, then from those 15 we picked 5 out of a hat. Listening to any of these records is all the justification we need;

Mr. Oizo – ‘Analog Worms Attack’

Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

Charlie Mingus – ‘Black Saint and the Sinner Lady’

Tribe Called Quest – ‘Low End Theory’

Minutemen – ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’

Which records get dusted off when the sun starts to come out?

Studio 1

Flying Lotus – ‘July Heat’

The Feelies – ‘Crazy Rhythms’

Which record stores have played an important role in your life?

Sounds of the Universe

Rough Trade West