All My Weakness feat. Collette Warren / Divine Elevation
Think Tonk

Released: 30 Aug 2022

Label: Tru Thoughts

“All My Weakness feat. Collette Warren / Divine Elevation” is the new single from multifaceted Mancunian producer, DJ, MC and vocalist, Think Tonk. The release follows the inclusion of gritty DnB club banger “Divine Elevation” on the latest Tru Thoughts Shapes compilation: ‘Shapes: Spectrum’. Leading the single is the refreshing summer dance anthem “All My Weakness” featuring iconic DnB vocalist Collette Warren. Having recently returned from Glastonbury, Albania’s Hospitality On The Beach, and his recent set at Fabric, Think Tonk is ready to shake the floor all over again with his Tru Thoughts debut.

Anchored in themes of progression, elevation and moving up and on, both singles are brought to life by Think Tonk’s signature two-step kick and hard-hitting snare patterns. “The drum styles pioneered by Alex Reece, Johnny L and UK Garage are predominant in both pieces”, Think Tonk adds. Staying true to his notorious sound, Think Tonk based the tracks around a live vocal.

Opening the single, Collette Warren pays tribute to her previous relationships on “All My Weakness”. Her voice melts into the warmth of the soundscape, alight with Bossa Nova flavours, 808 bass line and stripped back percussion. Utilising a mellow, soothing and jazzy pallet to provide the seed for the instrumental, Think Tonk lifts influence from world music to create a bed for Collette’s vocals. “She blessed the track with some lovely lyrics”, he muses, speaking of the ode to love and the lingering thoughts after a separation.

Referring to it as “The Big Dipper”, “Divine Elevation” captures an ethos that Think Tonk has always loved in the Jungle, DnB and UK Dance music scene. “It’s a lush uplifting intro that ascends and then drops into something heavy, dirty and big on the head” he explains. Expanding on the sound he’s referencing, Think Tonk refers to the Engineers Without Fears classic, “Spiritual Aura (Engineers Without Fears Remix)” adding, “it’s a ‘94 Jungle tune that is the perfect embodiment of this idea and still influences me to this day”. The title and lyrics extend the theme and importance of ‘elevation’, sharing the message that “humans, people, regardless of colour, gender, age can rise up. Together we can elevate and become something better.”