I Love The Feeling / Come So Far
Running Loving Something

Released: 2 May 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

“That’s what I call Classics. Brilliant.” Kid Loco

“Loving this very much. Ace leftfield pop music.” Bill Brewster

Brighton-based artists Benjamin Gordon and Murray Stockdale come together to form Running Loving Something. Both from hip-hop and electronic backgrounds, the artists experimented with different sounds and grooves from a variety of their own music sources. The project takes inspiration from artists like The Avalanches but rather than sampling from dusty vinyl, Running Loving Something used found sounds with instruments and hooks that they wrote and recorded.

The first track, “I Love The Feeling” came around organically “when we were playing around with sounds, not overthinking it” Benjamin explains. “We recorded the ‘I love the feeling’ adlib, pitched it up and it was right first time”, a spontaneity mirrored in the carefree, catchy vocals that reel the listener in at the start of the song and progress into a groovy bassline. “Come So Far” serves as a reassuring love note to your younger self or partner, spawning from a time with “a lot of darkness and trouble in the world”, the pair add. The lyrics sung by local singer Ellie Ford aim to uplift and transcend hard times. Artist Chris Millard, captures this freedom through the design, with the astronaut flying from earth through space as though “free of all of the troubles of being human”, Benjamin adds.