Sandunes joins the Tru Thoughts family

“Sandunes’ sonic identity has evolved alongside her journey from pianos to production, and her performances reveal an appetite for integrating the worlds of studio and stage.” Resident Advisor

We are excited to welcome Sandunes, aka Sanaya Ardeshir, to the Tru Thoughts family.

Sandunes is a composer, producer and pianist from Mumbai, India, in the process of relocating to LA to pursue a new chapter in life and music, in line with the release of her third transcendental album which will be released as her debut on Tru Thoughts records.

Announcing her signing on her socials today Sanaya has said:
“New music will be kissing your ears very soon – it’s been in the works through the entire pandemic, I honestly can’t wait.
It has been a kind year so far, made sweet by caring and generous humans – trying every day to not take it for granted.”

Surrounded by instruments growing up, Sanaya began learning piano from the age of 6. When, much later, attending Point Blank School in London to pursue a newfound love of music production, she was inspired by incredible music, performance and magic at the intersection of electronic and acoustic sounds. Now, Sanaya “thinks in sound” making her music with an urgency, expressing herself and cherishing its sacrality as a means to connect with the world. Her sound constantly evolves, “revealing itself to me in real time” she adds.

“I think music is going to be one of the last living threads that keeps us tethered to what is human, primal and collective as we venture into hyper-individuated terrain where technology informs so much of our social culture”

Sanaya’s 2017 tour ended with an opening slot for Bonobo at the Manchester International Festival. Whilst in the UK she worked on Different Trains 1947, a collaboration between India and the UK commissioned by Warp Records and Boiler Room funded by the British Council. The project used Steve Reich’s ‘Different Trains’ as the main springboard, but set to the context of the Partition of India and the ghost trains between India and Pakistan of the time and included a performance at London’s Barbican Centre. Her unforgettably enchanting live renditions are performed with anything from a solo show up to an eleven-piece band.

Sanaya has also supported George FitzGerald’s album release tour at Evolutionary Arts Hackney, toured the US supporting Pretty Lights, remixed a track from Grammy award-nominated Anoushka Shanker, provided a guest mix for NTS and hosted a radio show as part of the BBC Asian Network residency and released a collaborative album with celebrated UK jazz drummer Richard Spaven. In addition to releasing music, she also works as a sound designer having most recently composed music and designed sound in spatial audio for a first-of-it’s-kind 15 room exhibition titled “India in Fashion”, commissioned by the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai. As well as joining NTS for a guest mix, her previous work has gained praise from international and local tastemakers across various media; Rolling Stone, The Quietus, The Guardian, Red Bull Radio and Resident Advisor to name a few.

The pensive nature of Sandunes body of work is often informed by her interests, which extend into pedagogy, mentorship and mindfulness. She has appeared as a guest lecturer at Ableton’s Loop Summit for Music Makers, Today At Apple at India’s first Apple Store, and is the co-founder of Ears to the Ground, a trans media project with Krishna Jhaveri which centres around activated listening, field recordings, and the potential to sustain dialogue around climate justice through sound-forward spaces, experiences and installations. The project seeks to reinvent itself at every juncture as a young exploration of the oldest Mountain range in India – the Western Ghats.

You can follow Sandunes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp orYouTube