Statement from Robert Luis

We hope you are keeping safe, staying at home and managing to stay positive through this time. Like the rest of the world, we are looking to come to terms with the implications of this situation – now and looking to the future.

For Tru Thoughts we will be continuing to work, promote and distribute our artists’ music. We understand how nurses, doctors, NHS staff, cleaners, food retail staff and distributors, social workers, refuse collectors, and the many other key and skilled workers are definitely doing the most for all of us right now and are the people who are really keeping us all going. We hope that the music and songs of many artists and labels will in some way help many people get through this all positively… It is certainly helping us.

The sudden changes has meant the cancellation of gigs for many artists which will impact on their day to day lives significantly. It was great to see Bandcamp waive their fees on Friday, so artists and labels would increase their revenue share. Thanks to everyone who purchased music direct on Bandcamp and anyone else streaming, downloading and buying music right now from any of the variety of places that support the music. We are grateful that these potential income streams exist for artists right now and please keep in mind any contribution does help.

We are of course thinking of people who are now suddenly finding themselves without work or income, so feel it is important to remember people in your local community who are affected by shops and businesses, in general, having to close. If you can afford to please consider donating to your local food bank or anyone supporting people in these situations.

As each day brings new challenges, there has been an overriding sense of togetherness for many people, so we will do our best to reflect that through music and amplifying the voices and advice that matter away from the music too.

Look after yourselves and each other ❤️