Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris


Influenced by the likes of Ezra Collective and R+R=Now from the UK Jazz scene, Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris fuse flute, saxophone, and clarinets into a unified voice on their debut EP ‘II’. The rhythmic palette of Nikitch’s electronic music seamlessly intertwines with the enchanting melodies of Alexis Moutzouris, creating a cohesive musical narrative.

Starting as a classical musician, Nikitch switched gears to hone his craft as a DJ and producer, carving his signature sound early on with jazz and electronic music influences. He quickly gained support from notable names like Laurent Garnier and Gilles Peterson. Nikitch’s musical endeavours include two albums, ‘Débuts’ and ‘Back and Forth’, released alongside partner Kuna Maze on Tru Thoughts. Alongside these collaborations, Nikitch has explored solo projects, including his debut album ‘Chromatism’ on Casamance (2021), as well as partnerships with other artists such as rapper Grems and singer-songwriter Andreya Triana, all contributing to the refinement of his distinctive sound.

Alexis Moutzouris, hailing from Greece, has been co-leading the Marthe act since 2017. Marthe has seen international acclaim, with over a hundred concerts since its inception. Heading various ensembles, Alexis Moutzouris infuses his compositions with diverse global influences and collaborates with esteemed artists such as Thomas de Pourquery, Mike Ladd, Angeliki Pardali, Kaliroï Raouzeou, Bacem Yousfi and Djemdi, among others.


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