Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris

Released: 28 May 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

French DJ, producer, and musician Nicolas Morant, aka Nikitch, joins forces with composer, clarinettist, and saxophonist Alexis Moutzouris on their debut EP ‘II’. The pair decided to call the project “II” (“deux” in French) to denote their creative collaboration.

The six-track EP showcases compelling melodies that interweave the ethereal tones of flute, saxophone, and clarinet into a unified voice, while dynamic rhythms pulsate and synthesisers delve into the intricacies of darkened chord progressions. Nikitch’s electronic compositions seamlessly integrate with Alexis Moutzouris’ melodious contributions, resulting in a cohesive musical narrative.

“Here, the body surrenders to the dance’s call, and the mind escapes through the music” Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris

Beginning with a simple clarinet riff “Sans Titres” immediately sets a vast and airy stage for what’s to come on ‘II’. “Hugo (Part 1)” introduces a rhythmic turn reminiscent of South American clave rhythms. At the same time, deep basslines weave harmony and rhythm into a hypnotic and introspective incantation, gradually giving way to subtle Rhodes chords drowned in delay.

“Ouroboros” delves into the heart of the matter, driven by brisk, fast-paced basslines that heighten tension, while the broken beat rhythm intensifies. “Oceans (Live)” introduces light-inspired sounds as new instruments that gently guide the listener back towards tranquility. The tempo accelerates, and “The Sky Darkens” with the dense harmonies of “Virga”, where rhythm hits harder and the synthesiser unfolds, threatening acid-like arpeggios, until the flute and saxophone transform the landscape. “Hugo (Part 2)” returns the ear to the original experimental tone of the EP, described as “A final gaze into the fertile depths of chaos sonic creation” Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris