Sharky brings to life a world of colourful surrealism with ambiguous lyrics and a distinctive vocal styling, drawing on aspects of Soul and Jazz, touching on Hip Hop, and swirling with Indie and Art Rock essence.

Long before becoming Sharky, Georgia Mason always loved sharks; “when I was small, I would sit in the pub and tell people all about them”. With her grandad a paratrooper in the army, Sharky’s family settled in Aldershot, a military town in Hampshire. Growing up close to her grandparents, Sharky would listen to her Nan singing around the house. Georgia began to craft the unique Sharky sound taking inspiration from Joan’s high soprano tones and the cross-generational vocal similarities with the women in her family.

After a spell of writing as ‘Georgia Mason’, she started to collaborate with other artists including Speakman Sound, Franc Moody and LONO. In this musical collective, she found a home of like-minded and creative free spirits. Stirring these artists in a pot of entertaining collaboration, late night sessions, experimentation, and self-exploration; Sharky’s musical project came to life. Steering the ship alongside Sharky was producer Todd Speakman, with the duo’s relationship growing into a strong bond, both musically and privately – If Sharky is a shark, Todd is at least one fin.

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