All Around / Expensive Shit (Centre Edit)

Released: 24 Aug 2021

Label: Tru Thoughts

“All Around / Expensive Shit (Centre Edit)” is the new double single from Berlin-based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist sUb_modU, aka the brainchild of Italian Romeo Sandri. Following up from lead tracks “Impressions / I Am Thousands” all the songs form part of the jazz musician’s debut album ‘Descent To The Centre’, a record that is an autobiographical and existentialist account of oneself, blending the electric/psychedelic spectrum of jazz with house, avant-garde and ambient leanings.

“All Around” uses Herbie Hancock-esque glitchy synths to create a transcendental state where one can “look all around, observing nature and all lives” Romeo explains. Tastemaker favourite and Fela Kuti cover (Fela-electronics!) “Expensive Shit” is given a new edit featuring colourful synths and rhythmic movements, with the 45 Centre Edit (exclusive to the 7” being a more condensed version for the dancefloor. sUb_modU has amassed an impressive list of tastemaker support through his unique reinterpretations, from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music), Ross Allen (NTS) and Virgil Abloh (Off White) to Musica Macondo.

‘Descent To The Centre’ is the result of a natural process, a concept of allowing musical passions to flow organically in the midst of Romeo’s daily experiences. In the words of the artist “it’s about the direction towards the centre, finding the nature within me, at my inner core. As astronomers say “we are all made from stardust” – we are all interconnected to the universe, this makes me feel inconsequential while simultaneously part of something immense.”