Come Again/Your Love
Home Frango

Released: 2 May 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Home Frango – comprising of keyboard player, drummer and producer Fletcher Jarvis, based in Portugal and bassist, guitarist, and producer Leo Geller from Norway – are a dynamic duo who initially met while residing in a defunct old people’s home turned guardianship in London.

Though run-down and faintly perilous, the two residents discovered friendship and creative synergy, resulting in unwavering Jams. Leo and Fletcher soon uncovered shared interests that unknowingly formed the beginning of Home Frango. Temporarily, the two sought different paths, eventually leading to the project’s birth in Barcelona. While working on a film set, Fletcher felt compelled to create music again. Without hesitation, armed with a 1980s Honda Accord gifted from the film set, he loaded it with a drum kit, synthesisers, and a few microphones, embarking on a non-stop journey from the north of England to Leo in Barcelona, fuelled solely by Red Bull, heavy metal, and cigarettes.

Fresh and Tender’ was sporadically crafted across three countries, starting in a small apartment in Barcelona, continuing in the defunct old folk’s home in London, then a cabin in the Norwegian woods, and concluding at a studio in East London for the final touches. The forthcoming debut EP, rooted in soul, funk and electronic grooves, emanates from their shared passion for music. Home Frango fondly recalls the moment they realised, “We can hang out, eat tacos and make music”, melding their individual experiences to craft a palette of sunshine-inspired sounds.

Come Again” captures the essence of reconnecting with one’s inner child. Inspired by growing up in a bustling urban environment, the song vividly depicts carefree days exploring nature amidst the concrete jungle. The chorus chord progression came together first, with its playful tones enriched by rhythmic whistling. Additionally, the children’s choir in the final chorus enhances the track’s nostalgic charm whilst punctuating moments such as key changes and a middle 8 section reminiscent of Shuggie Otis, adding depth and intrigue.

Your Love” gently explores the emotions surrounding the end of a relationship. Inspired by the transformative nature of love, the lyrics reflect on the uplifting connection between two people, with the refrain “Sometimes your love takes me even higher” echoing through the choruses. The laid-back vibe of the track invites listeners into a state of peaceful contemplation. Home Frango favour the distant addition of a rain stick during the middle 8, creating a subtle yet impactful moment of contemplation before building back up to the song’s release.