Fresh And Tender
Home Frango

Released: 13 Jun 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

‘Fresh and Tender’ is the debut EP from Home Frango – comprising of keyboard player, drummer and producer Fletcher Jarvis, based in Portugal, and bassist, guitarist, and producer Leo Geller from Norway.

‘Fresh and Tender’ was crafted across three countries, starting in a small apartment in Barcelona, continuing in a defunct old folk’s home in London, then a cabin in the Norwegian woods, and concluding at a studio in East London for the final touches.

“Come Again” & “Your Love” are infused with infectious energy, exploring themes of reconnecting with one’s inner child and the emotions surrounding the end of a relationship. The EP title track “Fresh and Tender” was one of the first songs Home Frango wrote, setting the tone for the playful energy to come, with its carefree nature reflected in the lyrics. “Nothing to Lose” serves as a reflective finale to the EP, emblematic of growth and wholehearted risk-taking.

The dynamic duo initially met while residing in a defunct old people’s home turned guardianship in London. Though run-down and faintly perilous, the two residents discovered friendship and creative synergy, resulting in unwavering Jams. Leo and Fletcher soon uncovered shared interests that unknowingly formed the beginning of Home Frango.

Temporarily, the two sought different paths, eventually leading to the project’s birth in Barcelona. While working on a film set, Fletcher felt compelled to create music again. Without hesitation, armed with a 1980s Honda Accord gifted from the film set, he loaded it with a drum kit, synthesisers, and a few microphones, embarking on a non-stop journey from the north of England to Leo in Barcelona, fuelled solely by Red Bull, heavy metal, and cigarettes.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Leo’s upbringing was immersed in music, surrounded by many friends who were musicians. He furthered his musical journey by studying music and becoming a scholar after his education in London. Fletcher, also surrounded by music as a kid, raised on an eclectic catalogue from the 60s & 70s from his father and mother, took to playing and teaching himself the drums at the age of 12 and ended up in a band with his brother. His journey led him to embark on tours across Europe in that band at just 15 years old.

Home Frango discovered profound joy when creating their debut EP, blending a multitude of experiences and eclectic influences. Their project embodies camaraderie, guiding listeners through moments of resilience and vulnerability.