Crazy That You Love
Aurora Dee Raynes

Released: 7 Sep 2021

Label: Tru Thoughts

North London’s Aurora Dee Raynes offer up “Crazy That You Love”, the new single taken from their debut album ‘Invisible Things’ (out 26th November). The track follows previous releases “Find My Way” and their “Do What You Do” EP which garnered support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Huey Morgan and Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6Music), Clash Magazine, THUMP and NTS.

“The way our brain works is complex… I love that we go through loads of emotions. I love how crazy it is that these emotions can consume us in a good or bad way. It’s crazy how we can love just one or love many at the same time. Love family and friends, love friends over family. It’s just crazy man!” Aurora Dee Raynes

Rife with emotional openness, “Crazy That You Love” explores the volatility of romantic relationships. The starkness of the opening chimes ring as they vibrate through the strings and low oboes that replace them, shuddering with the rawness of the track. Grown out of voice notes and endless chord sequences and melodies exchanged between vocalist Danielle Kranendonk and keys player Nicholas Johnson, producer Stephen Raynes (AKA Touchy Subject) brings a cinematic flair to the finished piece. The hypnotic echo of the lyrics is reinforced with raw percussion, drums, and synth stabs; “the instrumentation comes together, and you are suddenly not thinking about the music anymore” Raynes muses, “It’s placed you in your own thoughts”.

Kranendonk was first played “Crazy That You Love” in the studio by Raynes and co-producer/live drummer Tristan Williams (AKA Tehbis). The title was already set, and she was tasked with writing the rest. “I closed my eyes and thought about all the things that could make it crazy that you love”, she explains. Powering the track with a catchy hook, the lyrics are minimal and allow space for the band and the production to breathe and form a life around the track’s concept.

“For me, “Crazy That You Love” is a story about falling for someone who is important to you. It’s crazy that you can just move into that direction and when it happens, it shows.” Kranendonk adds.

The release of ‘Invisible Things’ is combined with a Double A side 7 inch featuring “Crazy That You Love” and album opener “The Letter” available to pre-order on Bandcamp