I’m So Trash / Long Time

Released: 5 Dec 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

SHYGUY join Tru Thoughts and announce their debut single “I’m So Trash / Long Time”

SHYGUY, aka Jackson Goodwin and Joe Digioia, are a duo from the low hills of Nottingham. The pair weave a kaleidoscope of genres, fusing soul, psychedelic vocals, jazz and raw but funky hip hop drums. Their individual narratives and musical influences contribute to the textured sound of their debut release.

“I’m So Trash” captures the essence of self-deprecating humour, cleverly expressed through the lens of a relationship, but with a deeper connection to Jackson’s surprise at taking on the role of lead vocalist. At the forefront of the track are Joe’s lead guitar riffs and melodic hook, Jackson expresses “The track came about completely organically from the initial guitar riff”. The track’s standout moment is when it ramps up to the chorus, infusing a DIY and punk spirit that ignites movement and energy.

“Long Time” is imbued with introspection, born out of an experimental moment where Jackson explored vocal recording over beats and production styles he had created before the inception of SHYGUY. With its wordplay on British colloquialisms, the song embodies a deep longing for someone not seen in a while. Jackson’s prowess in beat-making shines through as he skilfully crafts the track’s production.

SHYGUY draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources. Jackson’s family, steeped in creativity, introduced him to a range of music from Erykah Badu to The Smiths, as well as Prince and Damon Albarn. On the other hand, Joe’s musical path began at the age of 11, as he began teaching himself guitar. His fascination with the instrument’s boundless possibilities and his want to create his own music set him on a path of self-discovery. His early influences, centred around guitar-driven bands like Green Day, eventually leading him to explore artists such as Prince and Tame Impala. Ultimately, the duo’s exposure to this wide array laid the foundation for their forthcoming creative pursuits.