Ray Gun / Here She Comes

Released: 16 Jan 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Genre-fusing duo SHYGUY, aka Jackson Goodwin and Joe Digioia, share second offering from their debut album ‘Wait, What. Now?’

“Ray Gun” encapsulates the essence of nostalgia and the bittersweet longing for a time when everything felt new. The track, born organically, resonates with themes of coming of age, evoking memories of childhood innocence. The poignant lyrics allude to youthful days of playing with toy guns and indulging in make-believe adventures. Joe’s guitar solo and vocal prowess underscore the track’s emotive power; they work together to create a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal experience of growing up and cherishing the past.

Spun from the heart, “Here She Comes” captures the moment of reuniting with a loved one after a prolonged separation. Jackson’s lyrical craftsmanship likens the beloved individual to a personification of nature, drawing a parallel between human connection and the ever-changing seasons. The track was a product of pure spontaneity, heightened by the contributions of Pete Beardsworth, who laid down flute and sax, seamlessly modulating between the verse and chorus, adding notable layers of depth and texture.