Walk Away

Released: 29 Feb 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Los Angeles trio Phil Beaudreau, Jacob Mann, and Amber Navran (of Moonchild) release the witty, funk-laden “Walk Away” and announce their upcoming album ‘Catpack’ (Friday 21st June). Born from deep mutual admiration and genuine friendship, Catpack is the brainchild of three esteemed musicians, each with unique sounds, coming together to make something fresh and vibrant.

“Walk Away” exudes confidence, both in its composition and conviction, serving as “a reminder that.. if things don’t start changing, then it could be time to go”. Jacob’s dynamic, funky synth-scape rises and falls to make space for Amber’s delicate, hazy vocal and chirping flute lines. The lyrics are coolly self-possessed, asserting, “I know how to walk away” and “Somethings got to change. Don’t you go forgetting”. The no-nonsense delivery is upheld by gingery instrumentation, with layers of staccato synths, guitar, Corey Fonville’s percussion and statement trumpet.

Their creative synergy is clear from the offset: “I heard a drum video by the incredible Corey Fonville and decided to play along with it…I sent a 30-second beat to Amber. A few hours later, she sent back a fully formed song.” Jacob adds: “The track really kick-started the project” Jacob says, with Amber adding “It was the catalyst that led to forming Catpack and recording a full- length album”.

‘Catpack ‘is a whimsical and light-hearted venture, featuring 11-tracks from the Los Angeles trio. The LP includes the groups debut single “What I’ve Found” which launched the project alongside a playful animated lyric video. “What I’ve Found” garnered support from the likes of Soulbounce, Wordplay Magazine and Toshio Matsuura.