What I’ve Found

Released: 23 Jan 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Catpack is the new project consisting of the Los Angeles trio Amber Navran (of Moonchild), Jacob Mann and Phil Beaudreau. The brainchild of three creatives with distinct sounds and a deep admiration for one another, coming together to make something new and exciting, Catpack is the organic output of friendship and collaborative spirit. The project is playful, joyful and cat-themed, with a namesake taken from keyboards that sound like meows and an ingenious merch idea (search Google for catpacks).

‘What I’ve Found’ is the group’s debut single and a song, both lyrically and musically, about being sick of holding back and not taking up too much space. Built from the Roland Juno synthesiser, ‘What I’ve Found’ is a creative symbiosis between three of the band members, who unapologetically all go full in, running with every idea that is thrown into the hat. The outcome is a complementary cohesion built on mutual respect and appreciation. Talking about the meaning of the new single, Amber explains:
“Sometimes, in the journey of finding your inner strength and knowing your worth, people close to you become uncomfortable with you taking up more space. They’re used to the small version of you, or their own self-worth is tied to their perceived position above you. This song is a middle finger to the people who can’t love you as you shine brighter and brighter and a love letter to the new, beautiful you”.

‘What I’ve Found’ is only just the beginning of the supergroup Catpack, and the purr-fect and paw-sitive launchpad for what is to follow. As Phil emotionally summarises the wholesomeness of the project: “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more like myself than when I’m making music with Amber and Jacob. I remember the first song they sent me was like an invitation to just come out and play. Like my neighbourhood buddies. No judgement and no objectives other than to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It’s an amazing feeling to work with people whose art you’re in awe of, but it’s something deeper when there’s space for friendship. That chemistry is a gift, and it makes the work so easy to do.”