Fix Me Up feat. Rachai

Released: 16 Mar 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Absolutely fantastic” – Robert Elms (BBC Radio London)
“So hyped for the return of Sophie” – James Threlfall (BBC Music Introducing)
“Simply SUPERB” – Laurent Garnier
“Cool late night groove” – Don Letts (BBC 6 Music)
“This is lovely” – Kid Fonque

The sun-kissed ”Fix Me Up feat. Rachai” is the third single from Slowe. The single follows “WYLTK” and “Superego”, which garnered support from Robert Elms (BBC Radio London), James Threlfall (BBC Introducing), Don Letts (BBC Radio 6 Music), Laurent Garnier and Bill Brewster.

On “Fix Me Up” Slowe and old friend Rachai, capture the electricity you feel “when you meet someone you really vibe with”. Slowe’s production is studded with nods to her eclectic taste, blending psychedelic riffs, nostalgic keys and a dub-infused bassline. Drawing on her love of Kali Uchis and Gorillaz, the dreamy soul keys melt into the skipping reggae-inspired drum loop to create an effortless beat. Rachai’s charming lyrics describe the giddy ecstasy of thinking about someone you like and playing shared moments over in your head. The melodious conversation evokes a hazy reverie as Rachai croons, “lazing around until the sun’s replaced by you”. The hook, starting “Fix me into colour”, tells a story with sweet sentiments about a blossoming romance, “as though the world has become a little more colourful, a little more magical” after meeting.

“A big theme throughout my music is exploring the feeling of being twenty-something and not knowing where things are headed for you, and if you’re on the right path”, Slowe explains. Glimmers of “love, anguish, self-doubt, joy and everything in between” are brought to light and reflected in her resourceful cross-genre stamp. Slowe’s eclectic reference points allow her to delve into different sonic landscapes, with “modern neo-soul songs, psychedelic moments and more traditional jazz, soul and hip hop sounds”.

Slowe’s DIY approach is reminiscent of lo-fi beat-making; delicately layering together session recordings, and repurposing techniques akin to those of J Dilla and Madlib. The result is both nostalgic and fiercely contemporary, with sparkling Rhodes, vintage drum lines, and buttery vocals. The combination of Slowe’s radiant lilts and introspective lyricism atop the fuzzy, analogue warmth makes for swooning escapism.

An avid crate-digger, Slowe naturally takes inspiration from a plethora of genres, and you can hear nods to her extensive references, from Tyler the Creator and Tame Impala to Erykah Badu. “I would say my earlier influences (Laura Marling, Jeff Buckley) inspire my songwriting and lyrics” Slowe explains, “whereas my later influences of soul, hip hop and jazz inform my production.” These musical inspirations are celebrated in her Introductory and J Dilla Tribute mix