Released: 3 Nov 2022

Label: Tru Thoughts

“WYLTK” is the debut single from new Tru Thoughts signing Slowe.

The Bristol-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, artist and songwriter brings us her soothing, avant-soul psychedelia, lifting the veil on withheld feelings about relationships and sharing her internal grapple with boundaries and expectations. The release, and her signing, follows previous support from BBC Introducing in the West with Gemma Bradley, BBC Cymru and BBC Radio 1.

As Slowe explains, “The song is about the unspoken thoughts we have, the ones we sometimes wish we’d say, and the things we don’t say to keep from stirring up confrontation.”. Her refreshingly candid lyrics are guided by a meditative, ethereal soundscape with warming melodies and gentle, balmy strings. The hook, ‘Wouldn’t You Like To Know’ – from which the title acronym is derived – light-heartedly addresses those who are blissfully unaware of how you feel. The instrumental evolved from early lock-down noodling; these solitary moments made space for reflection on emotional ties.

A cadre of Slowe’s close friends and family contributed to the project, in testament to her reveries about the value of synergy. Sophie’s parents both inspire her creative flame. Working closely with her mother, a talented creative in her own right, they pieced together collages whilst listening to “WYLTK”, framing the home-grown sound and character of the track in the cover art. Local artist, Gina Tratt, animated the music video which “captures the aura of the song, and the spirit of my music-making environment, which I believe is essential to the resulting music”, in Slowe’s words. The illustrations of Slowe and her bedroom studio are brought to life with swirling patterns, vivid colours and a 60s hazy grain which blur the line between fantasy and reality, accompanying the dreamy train of thought.