Kaleidoscope feat. Scarlett Fae
Steven Bamidele

Released: 21 Mar 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Kaleidoscope feat. Scarlett Fae” is the Tru Thoughts debut release from singer, songwriter, and producer Steven Bamidele. Pulsing with synth sounds and romanticised serendipity, the track is Steven’s first release since his “Uncrowded” EP and subsequent Salami Rose Joe Louis (Brainfeeder) remix which saw support from KCRW, Fred Perry, and BBC Radio 4.

Highlighting his introspective style of song writing and production styles rooted in curiosity and exploration, “Kaleidoscope” is a love song shimmering with humility; “It’s to my girlfriend Lucy,” Steven explains, “it’s me saying I know I haven’t been the most present and attentive person, but I want to try and be better.”

“Kaleidoscope” began with a Moog Matriarch synth; “the repeating, pulsing synth that starts the song off and continues throughout was a random thing I recorded with the synth which I knew I liked, but I didn’t know what to with do it,” Steven explains. Not long after, having sold the synth due to financial issues, he opened the recording and “the song just wrote itself over the course of a few days. It felt nice knowing I’d got something out of the synth.” Complementing the kaleidoscopic imagery of the track are vocals from Brighton-based Scarlett Fae, sitting in layered, swirling harmony with Steven’s own.

On the journey to finding his sound, Steven has developed into a meticulous producer and thoughtful songwriter. Born in Nigeria, Steven Bamidele spent his formative years in Suffolk, before moving to Brighton. Everything from his experiences in childhood, to his relationships with those close to him, fuel the openness and integrity of his lyrics, often exploring themes of racial identity, family, and self-reflection. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye and Radiohead to Lianne La Havas and Solange, Steven crafts his own unique and intricate sound, combining synth textures, syncopated beats, and reverb-drenched falsetto to create psychedelic forward-thinking soul