Throw It All Away! (Jamie 3​:​26 & Danou P Remix)
Steven Bamidele

Released: 14 Mar 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Steven Bamidele continues to captivate with the second remix from his debut album, ‘Summing Up’. “Throw It All Away!”, receives a dance-infused remix by Jamie 3:26 and Danou P, a renowned DJ duo and master selectors, capable of lighting any dancefloor on fire.

“Throw It All Away! (Jamie 3:26 & Danou P Remix)” encapsulates a leap into the dance music realm, in Steven’s words, “Hearing my voice in this context opened a world of possibilities in my mind.” Jamie 3:26 and Danou P’s collaboration intertwines Steven Bamidele’s soulful sounds with disco and deep house, seamlessly melding emotive lyrics with infectious grooves, characteristic of a creative synergy.

The connection forged with Jamie 3:26 and Danou P is transformative, sparking a newfound passion for a genre that had previously remained at the periphery of Steven’s artistic exploration. “I hope I can lend vocals (or even some production) in the dance realm in the future,” says Steven Bamidele.

Jamie 3:26, from the vibrant Chicago scene, is known as a selector extraordinaire. Danou P is best known as Jamie 3:26’s regular studio partner; their collaboration gives “Throw It All Away!” a soul-fired dance refresh.

Released in 2023, Steven Bamidele’s debut album ‘Summing Up’ features acclaimed singles “Kaleidoscope feat. Scarlett Fae” and “Dark Sense Of Humor (Farfisa)”. As well as “Sitting In The Dark” and “Head Down” each complemented by music videos that throw light on Steven’s narrative. The album is a deeply personal project that has seen Steven using lyrical exploration as a form of self-therapy, often unpicking themes of racial identity, family, and self-reflection.