No One Said (edbl Remix)
Steven Bamidele

Released: 28 Nov 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

Neo-soul artist and producer Steven Bamidele follows his debut album ‘Summing Up’ with a contrasting remix of “No One Said” from singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist, edbl.

“No One Said” originally emerged from a place of vulnerability and uncertainty about the future, reflecting the authentic emotions that Steven brings to his craft. edbl infuses the track with a fresh perspective, creating a unique contrast between the two artists’ styles. Celebrated for his ability to create feel-good music, edbl seamlessly blends hip-hop tempos with soulful vibes. His remix of “No One Said” showcases his unique approach, adding a refreshing twist to the track.

Steven Bamidele shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “I’ve been a fan of edbl for the last few years. His sound is really fun and uplifting and I appreciate his collaborative spirit. It’s awesome to have him on board for this remix. “No One Said” was written from a place of anxiety and uncertainty about the future, which I think can be felt in the lyrics. I love that to contrast that, Ed’s remix feels chilled and unbothered by life’s challenges. It makes the line ‘No one said we couldn’t run away’ feel re-contextualised in a positive way.”

In response to the remix, edbl expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I love doing remixes as it’s a totally different approach to creation than usual and when a track is as great as “No One Said” is in its original form, it makes my job an absolute pleasure. I loved the track as soon as I heard it and quickly picked up a guitar and started my version when I was sent the vocal. Super happy with how it’s come out!”