Trickle Up
Palm Skin Productions

Released: 10 Jan 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Trickle Up is a celebration, a paying forward, a reminder that we can help each other elevate. The trickle of small actions by everyday people, building to a torrent of change.”

A “monster tune” – Bill Brewster

Palm Skin Productions – AKA versatile musician, producer, and DJ Simon Richmond – announces this new four-track EP with title track, ‘Trickle Up’, an acid-tinged dancefloor stomper and revolutionary call to arms against trickle down economics.

Talking about the meaning of the track and wider EP, Simon explains:
“Trickle Up to me is all about resisting the many forces that try to drag us down in different ways. The way the UK has been governed for well over a decade has been characterised by a downward trajectory as the extreme acquisition of wealth is increasingly rewarded at the expense of everyone else’s well-being”

“We are being dragged down by low expectations of our governments, happiness, stability, social and cultural support. Trickle Down Economics is the cruel joke of a theory that if enough wealthy people are made wealthier, mostly through tax cuts and the withdrawal of social support, then a proportion of their excessive riches somehow filters down to the rest of society.”

Simon adds a call to action, against the grim reality: “We all here at the bottom looking up waiting for drips. I think it’s time to instigate a Trickle Up system, whereby the people rise up and slowly start to effect change. We don’t get change by waiting for it to come down to us. It’s not just about the stark reality of money, it’s also about all of life – Trickle Up is a celebration, a paying forward, a reminder that we can help each other elevate.”