Bruk Rogers


Bruk Rogers is the new alias from London-based Irish producer Cian McCann (aka Zero T/Zero Tolerance). Born out of his long-held love of the broken beat genre, Cian has been inspired to make some bruk since its recent resurgence.

Rewinding 20+ years; Cian (as Zero Tolerance), had his first jungle tracks signed to 4hero’s Reinforced Records, so was exposed to the heart the of burgeoning broken beat scene just by hanging out at their Dollis Hill studio. Going to CoOp at Plastic People and frequenting Jazz:Refreshed at MauMau Bar in those days was also highly influential.

Back to the recent present: Cian was booked to play a DJ set at the ‘virtual’ We Out Here Festival in 2021 and decided to play a bruk set. He had so much fun that he decided to start making some soon afterwards and, with the help of a friend, coined the moniker ‘Bruk Rogers’. Debut releases on Afronaut & Mark Force’s CoOperation label have been very well received, with wide-ranging support from BBC6music, Gilles Peterson, Jazz FM, Spotify Japan and many more. He has also done some remix work for Kid Fonque’s Stay True, CoOperation and Tru Thoughts.

Expect a lot more beats from the 25th century for the foreseeable future….

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