Lalela feat. ASAP Shembe / Asalato Riddim
Bruk Rogers

Released: 30 Jan 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Bruk Rogers, also known as Cian McCann (Zero T/Zero Tolerance/Searchlight) announces his album ‘Loopholes’ with “Lalela feat. ASAP Shembe / Asalato Riddim”. Following in the steps of the previous single “Deusa feat. Roberta Silva & Onj / Get Low”, the release is a bruk bridging between two distinct sounds, the future-jazz odyssey “Lalela feat. ASAP Shembe” and the darker, dancefloor filler “Asalato Riddim”. The tracks exemplify ‘Loopholes’ Broken Beat motif and Cian’s exploration of genre fusions.

The opening track “Lalela” came about after Cian remixed Kid Fonque and Jonny Millers’ “Owakho” for Stay True Records, South Africa. “ASAP Shembe was the featured vocalist on that, and I loved working with his rapping in Zulu and Xhosa” he adds. The pair joined forces again for this epic, funky mover, bringing together futuristic synth tones with the improvisational spirit of jazz.

“Asalato Riddim” is a dark dancefloor affair, taking inspiration from African rhythms. The track’s groove is built around a handheld percussion instrument from West Africa called an Asalato. Cian adds, “Everything else in the track has an inorganic, almost alien feel and I really liked the contrast of these two elements”.

The singles are taken from ‘Loopholes’, the 11-track album that serves as a testament to the depth and range of Cian’s musical influences, all seamlessly integrated within the framework of Broken Beat. ‘Loopholes’ emerges as a vibrant melting pot, blending jazz, soul, and funk with dub and reggae flavours, notes of bossa nova, samba, and hip hop, and a UK Bass Music touch. The space-age title, in tandem with Bruk Rogers’ moniker, inspired by the cosmic adventurer, sets the stage for the exploration of Broken Beat’s evolution. The release pays tribute to its roots and musical heritage while delving into the Bruk Renaissance and a new-age soundscape.