Feel Alright feat. JSWISS & Onj / Murder Sound feat. Dread MC
Bruk Rogers

Released: 12 Mar 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Bruk Rogers, AKA Cian McCann (Zero T/Zero Tolerance/Searchlight) delivers a split single, with the bop “Feel Alright feat. JSWISS & Onj” paired with the club stonker “Murder Sound feat. Dread MC”. The track is taken from the upcoming album ‘Loopholes’, set to release on Friday 26th April, and follows the release of “Deusa feat. Roberta Silva & Onj / Get Low” and “Lalela feat. ASAP Shembe / Asalato Riddim”.

“Feel Alright” fuses jazz-funk, latin breaks and New York hip-hop together”, Cian states. Pianist Onj (AKA Andre Louis) added the latin style keys to the classic chord hook, which sits alongside the four-to-the-floor section. New York native and versatile emcee JSWISS brings the “NYC Flavour” with his effortless flow, uniting the hip-hop bounce with the bruk groove. “It all amounted to a final song that gave me A Tribe Called Quest vibes, but if they made broken beats.” Cian added.

Switching it up is the gritty “Murder Sound”, serving the heavyweight beats and bass, matched by Dread MC’s feisty war-cry. By stripping back the production, Cian makes space for the hard-hitting drums that march along with the take-no-prisoners call to rave, “Murder The Riddim”. The vocals, originally recorded in the late 2000s for a dubstep track, were repurposed, as Cian explains, “I used some of those parts and then he added fresh verses. The end result is a sound system hurter that should shake your foundations”.

The singles are taken from ‘Loopholes’, the 11-track album that serves as a testament to the depth and range of Cian’s musical influences, all seamlessly integrated within the framework of Broken Beat. ‘Loopholes’ emerges as a vibrant melting pot, blending jazz, soul and funk with dub and reggae flavours, notes of bossa nova, samba, and hip hop, and a UK Bass Music touch. The space-age title, in tandem with Bruk Rogers’ moniker, inspired by the cosmic adventurer, sets the stage for the exploration of Broken Beat’s evolution. The release pays tribute to its roots and musical heritage, while delving into the Bruk Renaissance and a new-age soundscape.