The Bamboos

Released: 29 Mar 2010

Label: Tru Thoughts

There comes a time in every band when their sound crystallises, with ‘4’, The Bamboos make a musical statement that distills their influences, nuances and idiosyncrasies.

That musical statement pushes them into a sonic world all their own.

Exploding out of the deep funk/soul scene of the early 2000s, The Bamboos have since cultivated a unique signature sound which takes all the heavy elements of the style and blends it with a catchy pop sensibility and a healthy respect for the classic song form. “The Bamboos’ music has never been limited to this ‘Deep Funk’ scene. I’ve always aimed for the music to stand up on its own free of any labels”, says Ferguson. Indeed, The Bamboos have been testing their music alongside the best in the business, making the transition over the last few years to playing large-scale festivals – worlds away from the small club funk nights where they got their start. “It’s important that we can come out and play to a big festival crowd after a rock band and be judged on our own merits. It’s all about the songs, and if the songs stand up then the crowd will be on your side…”

‘4’ is one of the most exciting, original, vibrant and downright addictive albums of the coming year, and could easily see The Bamboos catapulted beyond the confines of a genre to permeate the international mainstream musical consciousness